Approaches to Envisioning Open Educative Systems (OES)

Approach 1

What would we invent to support and promote learning if we had all of today's technology and no educational system at all? Imagine we were designing an educative system for colonists who were about to set out for Mars, for example. They and their children are going to live aboard their spacecraft for three years and then move onto the surface of the planet. Check out the "Blank slate" approach

Approach 2

Starting with the functions that educational institutions perform today, how could we rearrange and restructure them so that these functions were fulfilled in an optimal way? Check out the "functions" puzzle

Approach 3

The major problem for creating an OES would seem to be providing a staff willing to guide potential participants in their selection of sources of materials
to study. Perhaps a first step could be to create an online questionnaire oriented toward determining what topics and from what orientation our new student wished to learn. Of course some determination of the learner's educational starting level will be necessary. Let's discuss this on the page called Implementation

Some Basic Questions