In this section let's talk about how education is paid for in societies around the world in 2012. Then we can consider how the various costs of an Open Educative System might be covered.

In the United States there are elementary and secondary schools, academic colleges, technical colleges, community colleges and universities. If you can think of others, please add your comments.

We also have institutions supported by
  1. a combination of local, state and federal taxes that do not charge tuition and fees (public schools),
  2. those that have both government and some tuition support (also called "public schools"),
  3. schools that charge a hefty tuition supplemented by an endowment (usually called "private schools", often nonprofit),
  4. schools that are wholly paid for through student tuition (also "private schools", often for profit)
  5. church supported schools (some with, some without tuition),
  6. Training arms of professional organizations and corporations.

Are there other models in non-US countries?

If we were to separate the functions that US schools now perform into separate institutions we could also break down the costs. This would complicate the process of paying for an education but it would also create greater opportunity to pay for only those services that the student uses.