The Counseling function of an Open Educative System will be key to learner success. One vision of how a Counselor might function is to be chosen by a family when they decide to have a baby. Counselors might specialize in
  • Pregnancy and Infancy
  • Early childhood (say 1 year through reading and bicycle riding)
  • Primary years (from about age 6 through 10 to 14 - ending when the learner is mature enough to take charge of his or her own learning and goals)
  • Youth (late childhood to adulthood)
  • Childhood Special Needs (covering children who are developing atypically)
  • Adult Special Needs (older people with physical, mental development or health challenges)
  • Independent Adults

Counselors would stay with a learner for several years. Each counselor should get to know the learner very well and should be an expert in helping the learner (or parents of young children) find and schedule learning experiences that meet both the social and intellectual needs of his or her clients. The Learning Experience Catalog would characterize offerings in terms of skills, knowledge and social maturity needed to benefit from the class or course, not age or traditional school class.

To make an OES instruction work finding people willing to accept the complicated, demanding
and sensitive job of counselor will probably be our prospective institution's most difficult task. Offering the them
the ability to pick and chose among our collective applicants including the option to terminate for any and/or no reason
should reinforce the importance which these individuals desearve. Our OES students should made aware of the critical importance of a good repour between them and thier guide. Both guides and students should be extensively tested so that one can be assured that the guide is sufficiently in advance of the learner and can suggests an approiate entry point for new learning process to begin and booth should take a fairly extensive personality prophile which each makes available to the other.