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This is an idea for an alternative to middle and high school that I have been thinking about for 40 years. It draws heavily on the Friends Meeting Schools in the USA which have been in existence longer than that! Please join me in developing this vision. If you know of schools that have tried some or all of the ideas presented here give them a page and link to information about them. We could make Deodar a reality tomorrow with resources available today. Our kids deserve it.

Cheers, Liza Loop (Aug 29 2013)
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Deodar School is a working model in development. It has one driving purpose - to provide an environment where teenagers can begin living their lives now. This contrasts with the objectives of most schools - to prepare students for adult life.

An axiom at Deodar is that our students are ready to be self-supporting, contributing members of the community in which they live and work. They may not be prepared to confront the complexities of independent living in a complex modern society. Assuredly, they have not finished acquiring all the skills and knowledge they will need during the next 60 odd years of their expected lives. However, they are bright, skillful, strong, willing, and able to get on with their lives. At Deodar, teens can do just that.
Deodar is:
  • A community
  • A living center
  • A workplace
  • A school
  • Committed to mastery of appropriate technologies for modern life in:
    • Urban
    • Suburban
    • Rural
    • Wilderness settings.

Goals: to create and maintain a high tech/low tech educational research center and living community for teenagers and adults
  • survival of people and institution
  • self-sufficiency of graduates and institution
  • comfort of community members, their parents and neighbors
  • interdependence of community members and greater society
  • community government/self government by, of and for community members

Parameters for analysis:
equivalent to economic level of middle class US suburban nuclear family (Mom, Pop, 3 kids).
four campuses:
  • Urban
  • Suburban
  • Rural
  • Wilderness settings.
Development Notes:..