Educative Experiences

Today we usually think of the curricula offered by schools or universities as our primary educative experiences but we can benefit by broadening our perspective. An educative experience is anything we learn from. It might be a engaging in classroom lesson, studying an online course, taking a trip to a museum, having dinner with grandmother, reading a science fiction novel, watching a sunset, being in an automobile accident, meditating for 10 minutes. We learn from almost everything we do although we may not notice or appreciate the lesson. Learning happens when the learner is changed in terms of what s/he knows, feels, thinks or can do.

When someone else sets up the experience and leads us to it we call that "teaching." Teachers often have a preconceived learning outcome in mind when they set up the situation. Sometimes we learn what the teacher wants, sometimes we don't.

Schools and colleges today are largely focused on providing educative experiences for their students. But they do a lot of other things too. And other people and organizations also intentionally provide educative experiences.

On this page, let's explore the concept of educative experiences further...