Face-to-Face Campus

Although a lot of what we traditionally learn in school can be taught just as well online, some things just have to be done in person. Gardening, team sports or swimming, artistic performances, wood shop, chemistry lab -- these and a thousand other activities are better done in environments much like today's school campuses. Some students even learn quickly and thrive in traditional teacher-centered classrooms. For all these activities we need to keep our face-to-face campuses. Why not schedule them 24/7, run them efficiently and not have either children or adults on campus who don't choose to be there? No day care on the teaching campus. No "teachers" saddled with day care. Learners able to accesses their "lessons" from home, care, campus or other community center. This could be a recipe for solving a lot of discipline problems.

Let's work on a much finer grained picture of the functions of a 21st century campus.