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Many authors are exploring the ramifications of digital technology on the future of education. This page offers a few links to their ideas.



Hyperlearning, The New Technology,

And The End Of Education

By Lewis Perelman, Avon Books, 1992

  • Discussions of education are no longer limited to the three R's. A fourth R has has been added to the list: that of 'Reform'. Lewis Perelman, on the other hand, does not entertain discussions of any of these R's. Instead of reforming schools, he believes we should replace them altogether. And in place of the R's, he emphasizes instead the three C's: costs, consumers and competition. Perelman argues that schools should be replaced by "a new mechanism more attuned to the technology and social fabric of the modern world". This new mechanism is hyperlearning or "a universe of new technologies" that will prepare Americans for the "knowledge-age economy" and technological revolution of the upcoming millennium. Using elements from the Total Quality Management model and fixing "privatization as the primary goal of restructuring education and training", Perelman presents a radical prescription for a future of learning without schools. Read the rest... Comment from UDEL on Hyperlearning